Preparing our meeting

It is common for potential clients to be anxious or nervous when meeting with a lawyer for the first time.

In order to help you prepare for this meeting, please read the following guidelines:

The meeting will always be preceded by a short phone call to allow us to understand your case and to determine whether or not it falls into our areas of expertise.

Then, in order to prepare for the meeting please:

  • gather all significant and relevant documents;
  • if possible, make copies of those documents;
  • make a list of all issues you are concerned about and any questions you would like to be answered during the meeting;
  • check whether your insurance contract covers our fees and make sure you have claimed for compensation through your insurance company if necessary.

Our fees are tailored to your incomes. We don’t charge if you cannot pay. So please come with proof of financial ressources (employment, income tax).

During the meeting:

Be as accurate and honest as you can and remember an attorney-client relation must be based on trust and confidence.

Meetings are subject to attorney-client privilege so we won’t in any manner whatsoever, disclose any provided information and/or documents.

We will give you all the information related to strategy, time, costs and additional costs.

After the meeting:

Our fees are tailored to your incomes so we can always agree on cost and/or payment facilities.

We will give you an estimated minimal and maximal fee for each procedure.