Who we are

Bertrand BESNARD holds a Master degree in Business Law and a Master II degree in International Business Law. He has worked for leading international law firms in France (Paris), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and South-Korea (Seoul) for about three years and has built a strong practice in international and commercial law more precisely in the field of international litigation (arbitration) and contracts.

Since january 2014, he has decided to settle down in Lyon where he offers his knowledge and skills to entrepreneurs and foreigners that aim to develop their business in France and/or overseas.

Over these three years, he has dealt with multiple cases related to insolvency proceedings, shareholders rights, unfair competition, commercial lease and settled commercial disputes in the automotive and industry sectors.

Aside from being a corporate lawyer he also represents and assists individuals before any jurisdiction when it involves consumer law, tenancy, contracts and sometimes insurance issues.

He usually takes part to the development of companies in the Lyon area and provides them legal assitance during the best of times (creating companies, drafting contracts, shareholders’ agreement) as well as during the worst (shareholders dispute, bankruptcy, non-payment).


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